Fuji Frontier 5700R

Fuji Frontier 570R 5700R digital minilab


Fujifilm’s most popular high volume digital lab system, the Frontier 570R offers a maximum processing capacity of 2,210 3x5 and

2,040 4X6 prints per hour (*film) and a maximum paper width of 12 inches.


A new threshold in high-speed production – "Prints in Minutes" service Fujifilm’s Digital Minilab Frontier 570R represents a quantum leap

in customer retail services.

Instead of one-hour service or same-day service, now your customers hand over their film or digital media and receive their finished prints minutes later.

Frontier 570R also delivers the highest image quality ever from a Frontier minilab, with advanced image enhancement and improved print resolution.

Your shop can look forward to seeing more satisfied customers, as the Frontier’s new features create expanded opportunities for your business.

Wider range of print sizes up to 12x18 inches



Exposure Mode: Laser Exposure System 

Maximum Print Size: 12"×18" ,

Processing Capacity comparison:

                  Fuji 570                         Fuji 5700R

3R(5")     1,800prints/hr                          2210prints/hr

4R(6")     1,800prints/hr                         2040prints/hr

12"x18"   55prints/hr                               300prints/hr

Processing Chemicals: CP-49

Input Voltage: AC 220V 

Power: 6.5KW

Weight: 550KGS

Dimensions: 1660mm(L)×953mm(W)×1375mm(H)

  Condition :

Used and checked machines are in good condition



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