Durst Theta 76HS

Durst Theta 76HS

The production of small and large print sizes directly from image files is made easy with our fully digital Multi-Lab System Theta 76/76 HS. Whether its portrait or wedding photography, whether studio or minilab – there are no jobs that you can not accomplish at optimum quality. Theta prints with a resolution of 254 ppi continuous tone (which corresponds with about 1.200 dpi) and a linear printing speed of up to a max. of 72 cm (28 in.) per minute. This means, that you can from now on reliably produce standard print sizes, panorama prints, each with or without cropping, package prints, print series and so on, either as cut single images or as panels up to 4 m (13 ft.).

Theta 76 HS

Theta 76 is also available as High-Speed version in order to match your high production requirements, reaching 27 m2, equal to over 2.000 prints 9 x 13 cm (3.5 x 5 in.) or 70 posters 50 x 70 cm (20 x 30 in.)

Convincing image quality & Superior material utilization

The 254 PPI resolution "full continuous tone" exposure of Theta 76 generates a perfect image definition from image edge to image edge.

Theta 76 positions images side by side on panels or strips. With it`s special auto nesting software and multiple print function an optimal material utilization is guaranteed. Even its productivity is increased by the connected, automatic cutting device, which makes sure that images are cut to the correct sizes.

Surprising even on the reverse side

With Theta you receive the only digital printer, that can print on the back of single cut images and at side-by-side nested images on a wider media roll.

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